Monday, June 6, 2011

A (nearly) naked cyclist

I few days ago, I was enjoying what for all intensive purposes was an average run.  It was hot and humid (just like it always is these days in Austin), I was sweating a lot, listening to a running podcast on my iPod and was cruising along near the Shoal Creek trail.  My boyfriend and I had just parted ways; I wanted to extend my run so he took our favorite running partner Ike back with him.  There weren't a lot of people out and it was that time of day just between daylight and dusk.  Just then, practically out of nowhere, a mythical Austin figure appeared on the road heading right towards me bearing it all...the (nearly) naked Cyclist!

Austin, TX has a saying; Keep Austin Weird.  It's plastered on bumper stickers, t-shirts and hats and a significant portion of the populous embraces this saying wholeheartedly.  I guess that when you are a liberal, artsy, music city smack dab in the middle of a fairly conservative state, it's hard not to earn a reputation of being weird.  This alternative attitude makes Austin a pretty progressive, interesting place to live.  Bumping into the (nearly) naked Cyclist always reminds me just how unique this city is.
The (nearly) naked cyclist in his typical attire in
downtown Austin, TX

This is the third time I've seen this guy.  He rides his bike all around Austin, though I have only encountered him in the Hyde Park area.  He wears nothing except an olive green thong and sometimes a hat.  No shirt, no pants, no shoes.  He unabashedly rides his bike through the streets, and when I pass him, I cannot help but stare.  It is very weird, even by Austin standards, and I just cannot look away.

I guess these are the things that keep our runs interesting and make for good stories.  I cannot take credit for this excellent picture capturing the (nearly) naked Cyclist.  Check out more excellent Austin photos here.

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